ound Masters Commercial Recording Company started in December of 1957, when the company’s founder, J. Raymond Meyers, then fifteen,  received a portable tape recorder for Christmas.  Already engaged in radio broadcasting, Mr. Meyers was learning the art of the Voice Over and making radio commercials and public service announcements for a few local organizations. Now armed with a tape recorder and a microphone, he was ready to take on the challenging business of commercial recording.

               Within a year, Mr. Meyers adopted the name WJRM Radio-Tape.  When asked why the unusual name, Meyers explained that it sounded like a broadcast service hence the call letter using his initials and the Radio-Tape was similar to the famed RKO Radio-Pictures of the day.

               By 1964, it had become apparent that a better name was needed.   A close associate in the recording business, Jim Rowe of Voice, Inc., suggested Sound Masters.   Mr. Meyers was also a great admirer of a famous “jingle” recording studio in Dallas, Texas, owned by Tom Merriman and known as Commercial Recording Corp.   Mr. Meyers combined the two and formed Sound Masters Commercial Recording Company in 1964 and registered the name with Dade County, Florida.

              Sound Master’s logo, the spiral ovals representing sound patterns, roll recording tape and record grooves was created by a popular children’s toy of the day, the Spirograph.   The logo looks as great today as it did forty years ago.

             Over the years, Sound Masters Commercial Recording Company has produced thousands of commercials and public service announcements, political announcements, radio vignettes, radio programs, automation tapes of music, jingles and a vast assortment of related programming and duplicating services.

              Today, with a half century of experience, Sound Masters maintains a “State-Of-The-Art” analog and digital facility with digital audio workstations, robotic CD and DVD duplication and label printing and our World Class technique for making the best sounding Voice Overs using top talent.

             Sound Masters is also involved in professional sound restoration.   Our services range from recovering nearly lost audio to restoring the sound of 110 year old cylinders and 78 records to remastering vinyl records from the late 1940’s to today.   Many of these restored music LP’s may be heard daily on XM Satellite Radio.

              Sound Masters also is an expert in the production and post-production services for television, motion pictures, multimedia and internet.

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